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Anchor Fasteners

Fasteners are the universal components that are used to create non-permanent joints. Be it from holding the chairs we sit on, or tables, every inch of what we use is held in place by means of a fastener. Sundream Group is a prominent and leading manufacturer and supplier of superior quality anchor fasteners. We supply over 3000 different fastener components that include metal fasteners, chemical fasteners, nylon fasteners, stainless steel fasteners, self-drilling screws, pipe clamps, stone cladding clamps, etc.For more infomation visit: Canon Fasteners

Our anchor fasteners are suitable for:

  • - Non-cracked concrete.
  • - Natural stone with dense structure.
  • - Anchoring light ceiling linings and suspended ceilings.

Our wide range of fasteners include:

Metal Fasteners

We supply a wide range of both permanent and non-permanent bond-forming metal fasteners. Our metal fasteners eliminate the need for secondary refinishing to obtain aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Being India’s top anchor manufacturers and suppliers, we are taking the world of manufacturing towards the quality it deserves and dependability it can count on.

Chemical Fasteners

These fasteners are manufactured with high-quality raw materials that provide great results at a lower price. Our chemical fasteners are manufactured using superior quality raw material that provides higher strength and optimum quality to these products.

Re-Barring Chemical fasteners

These are known for their excellent strength, longevity, and dimensional accuracy. To meet the desired technical requirements of our clients, we design our products in various sizes and structures.

Plastic Fasteners

Our plastic fasteners are known for their strength, rigidity, heat, low temperature, chemical and corrosion resistance, sealing, toughness, good electrical properties, and lightweight.

Threaded Rods

Sundream Group is the leading thread rod manufacturers. Our threaded rods are made of the finest quality raw material and are tested under strict quality control. These are ideal to use in tension.

Nylon fasteners

We offer superior-quality nylon fasteners that are developed at a progressive manufacturing division engaging the best quality raw material. These fasteners are known for their high tensile strength and higher wear resistance than aluminum.

S.S Nuts and Bolts

We are renowned bolts and nuts suppliers and all our products are available in bulk and at a competitive rate. Sundream Group uses high-quality material and the latest tools and technology for its manufacturing to guarantee its durability and reliability to the customer.

Wedge Anchor

We are offering Wedge anchor With very long years of experience and sincerity, we are suffering best array of Wedge Anchor and anchor fasteners. These offered bolts are designed by our experts with the use of best quality machines and tools. These bolts are steel made in many specifications. They are used in machineries.


Durable- Being one of the best nuts and bolts suppliers in India, we focus on providing reliable products to our customers therefore, we provide top-notch quality anchor fasteners that are long-lasting.

Modern Finish - We offer fasteners that when installed provides a modern finish for a streamlined design.

Cost-effective - Our wide range of fasteners is not only durable but also cost-effective. Thus providing you with the best quality material at the best prices.

Product Uses

The Canon fasteners are normally used in a lot of applications for their properties like accessibility, easy installation, reusability, and weight constraints. Fasteners find their use in various machines, vehicles, equipment, boats, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools, tools, meters and equipment.

Being one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of anchor fasteners in India, Sundream Group offers a galore of anchor fasteners that help you to increase productivity in many fixing tasks.

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