Established in 1967, Sun Dream Group is one of the leading integrated infrastructure and construction service providers in India. Our breadth of experience spans over 4 decades while our offerings include a wide range of architectural products and construction services.

We don’t see our client projects as a one-way process, rather we believe in building relationships and finding out ways to help each other grow. Our interactions with customers from around the world have given us unique insights into the business practices of different companies. Over the years, we have been able to inculcate the best practices from these companies into our offerings.

The key to making excellent products and offering flawless services is tailoring everything to what the client wants. We prioritise listening to clients and understanding their specific needs. Our range of products and services is backed by a highly skilled and experienced workforce that leaves no stone unturned to develop solutions that match and reflect your vision. Whether it’s building next-generation homes or business parks, we pride ourselves on minimising errors, inconsistencies, and miscommunication. We strive to be quicker, bigger, and better.


We envision spearheading an infrastructural revolution and establish ourselves as bearers of class-leading futuristic infrastructure and its solutions.


Our mission is to give empowerment and happiness to our clients and all our associates – to enable them to grow with us.


We firmly believe in pursuing environmentally sound business practices with a focus on keeping our planet and environment healthy. We prosper with our clients and partners, and our planet prospers with us.


We are focused on revolutionising every industry we work in by bringing in solutions built on innovation and novel ideas that have the power of changing the future. We believe in the power of change, for without change there is no innovation or creativity. Those who initiate change and innovation are in the best position to manage the future.


Our steadfast commitment to work makes us one of the most renowned groups in India. We are known for providing exceptional customer services and ensuring on-time delivery of all our projects, services and products. We always deliver on our commitments and ensure that our clients and partners never suffer because of us.


Our uncompromising attitude towards quality stands unprecedented. We are committed to bringing our A-game to every project we undertake and ensure premium quality services to all our clients. We follow the highest international standards for our processes, materials, and overall quality.


We aim to forge long-lasting relationships with clients based on a process of precise information sharing. Thus, we ensure our clients are informed about our operations and transactions without worrying about any hidden information or fee. We understand how important your projects are to you, so we make sure you are kept up to date at each step of the process.


We pride in honesty and integrity as hallmarks of our identity. We continually update our clients about the latest and actual developments in their projects thus encouraging a clear process of information sharing. We have faith in our ability to deliver on your requirements, so we never feel the need to deceive.

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