We pledge to ensure no child should be denied the opportunity to live a healthy and happy life. We vowed to put an end to this widespread violation of people’s fundamental rights, especially of women and children residing in the slums of metropolitan cities. We aim to empower 100 underprivileged young children in one year through education and employment by implementing models of development that are tailored to the needs of the community.

We have organized many programs in the past for enhancing literacy in the poor community such as Butterfly – Child Welfare and Education, wherein basic education is provided to impoverished children through comprehensive learning methods and Toy Library, wherein the child’s growth is supplemented using educational toys, games and books in an environment which cultivates and encourages the child’s imagination and creativity. We have also taken various initiatives in the field of Women Empowerment and Healthcare. One of recent initiatives towards women empowerment includes “Rooh” – Awakening Women’s soul. Under Rooh, numerous women are empowered to generate self-employment and a means of income through training of vocational and professional skills.

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