Sun Dream Group provides process and product-oriented strategies to successfully translate your construction plans to reality. We provide effective assessments in the form of a detailed, standard quality control program to real estate businesses and moguls.

We thrive on our decades-long expertise in delivering excellent products with premium quality as a driving force of all our processes. After all, quality processes beget quality products. Based on the intensive research and analysis carried out by our R&D personnel, we are capable of designing technologically advanced structures and solutions. We are also equipped with modern facilities that ensure our products meet global quality standards.

Just like we have PMS, MPMS and WOMS for Project management, we have QMS for Quality.

QMS – Quality Monitoring sheet

The aim of this process is to monitor the quality of each and every task or activity associated with the project through a predefined set of checklists. The lists can be from vendor selection, item order, item receipt to steel binding, casting, shuttering to all architectural, electrical and fire fighting services. The checklist is marked with regard to the execution of every project-related activity during pre-execution, execution as well as post-execution period to ensure the desired quality is achieved. These checklists are audited on 3 levels, by the Engineer, Project Manager and HO Project Auditor, thus ensuring that quality is not compromised with.


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