False Ceiling

False Ceilings

We all have heard the quote that “The first impression is the last impression” and the same applies to our homes and workplaces. A beautiful place is admired by everyone and offers a unique living experience. And to give your home or offices an exceptional look Sundream Group brings to you a galore of breathtaking false ceilings that don’t let people take their eyes off your roof. Browse through our wide range of classy, authentic, and artistic false ceilings to make your working and living environment look great. A false ceiling is a second layer of roof suspended from the main roof with the help of a metal or wooden frame. We are one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, retailers, and suppliers of false ceilings. We offer a comprehensive range of false ceilings such as metal ceilings, baffle ceilings, open cell ceilings, clip-on tile ceilings, lay-in tile ceilings, and stainless steel ceilings. Our top-notch quality materials and leading techniques have made us one of the best metal ceiling manufacturers and suppliers.

Products we offer:

Metal Ceiling

Sundream Group is aimed at creating innovative architectural products that meet the needs of individual projects. Our designs are universal and perfectly complement the architecture and interior of your residential and commercial place. Moreover, our false ceiling system is easy to install and clean.

It includes:

  • - Stainless steel ceiling
  • - Coil Coated Steel Ceiling
  • - Aluminum/GI-Powder Coated Ceiling

Board Ceilings

We offer environment-friendly, lightweights, high-quality, fireproof, waterproof and corrosion-resistant false ceilings. These ceilings can be used in hotels, hospitals, schools, houses, and factory, etc.

Tiles/Plank Ceilings

These tiles offer a sophisticated and uniform look. These provide maximum value for your money and have been highly appreciated by our customers.

Open Cell Ceiling

Canon Open-cell ceiling is suitable for all types of residential and commercial areas and is available in a number of cell sizes. It offers a very elegant look.

Baffle Ceiling

Being one of the top baffle false ceiling suppliers, Sundream Group provides false metal ceilings that create an exceptional room atmosphere.

Linear Ceiling

We offer durable and easy to install linear ceiling for a variety of flexible and unique acoustical and interior/exterior solutions.


Attractive look- Our wide range of attractive ceilings make your home look unique and the finishing work on these boards like paints, laminates, wallpapers and texture finish gives them an exceptional look.

Alluring design- Sundream Group provides you with the ceiling design that best suits your palette. We are a known manufacturer and supplier of the metal ceilings and our designs are matchless thus making your residential as well as commercial spaces attractive and impressive.

Highly durable- Be it an open cell ceiling, or stainless steel ceiling, all our false ceilings are made using top quality materials and leading techniques, thus making them highly durable and long-lasting.

Easy Installation- Canon ceiling systems are easier, faster and less costly to install, remove and clean. They offer better lighting possibilities and play a crucial role in optimizing light reflection and saving energy.

Improved Sound quality- With our endless efforts we have become one of the top metal ceilings manufacturers and suppliers. Canon ceiling systems absorb and reduce noise, thus offering improved sound quality.


Our false ceiling offers multiple advantages.

1. False ceiling is demanded in various residential, commercial areas and various institutions.

2. The false ceiling improves the aesthetics of the room.

3. These are used to keep the room cool during the summer and warm in winter.

4. It is also beneficial in hiding the ugly mesh of electrical wires, light fixtures, air-conditioning ducts, and other fixtures.

Our expert teams of craftsmen have installed suspended ceilings in various Malls, Offices, Hotels, Metro Stations, and IT Parks. Sundream Group offers the most modern and efficient false ceiling systems to suit your company’s profile, budget and time requirements – as part of office relocations or refurbishments.

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