False Floors

False Floors

Sundream Group offers false floorings that are in conformation with international quality standards and are absolutely safe to use. We offer a wide range of flooring systems and are one of the best false floor manufacturers and suppliers in India. The false floors provide an elevated structural floor above a solid substrate to create an invisible void for the passage of mechanical and electrical services. Our brand of raised access floor, i.e, “Acons-pan” access floors or false floors provide a healthy and safe work environment by housing HVAC, power, voice, and data cabling under the floor. The false floors are extensively demanded by the clients for specialized areas such as command centers, IT data centres and computer rooms, where there is a requirement to route mechanical services and cables, wiring, and electrical supply.


Fire and Thermal resistance- Your safety is our priority, therefore we use materials that are safe for the production of our false floors. The false flooring systems we manufacture are fire and thermal resistance and this is what makes us one of the leading access floor manufacturers and suppliers.

Exceptional acoustic features- Being a leading raised floor manufacturer and supplier, Sundream Group offers a wide range of flooring systems that give your commercial or residential spaces an exceptional look.

Solid Underfoot feel- These floors provide you a great walking experience and a solid underfoot feel and are used in different offices for creating electrical panels and spaces. The under part space of our false floors can be used for air-conditioning ventilation.

Environment-Friendly- We are India’s leading access floor suppliers and we completely understand our responsibility towards the environment. Our false floors help reducing energy consumption and first-build and long-term waste.

Smart Benefits- Apart from being environment-friendly our wide range of access floors offer smart benefits such as improved indoor air quality with underfloor air distribution for maximum comfort and tremendous daylighting and ventilation effectiveness.


1. It gives you the freedom to redesign floor space.

2. False floors allow you to grow workspace within the available area.

3. These raised flooring system offers the freedom for your computer networks, video terminals, links, telephone and fax, electrical, hydraulic, air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

4. It also helps you to enhance the flexibility of space.

5. These Acons-pan access floors offer high strength, strong anti-impact ability.

6. These raised access floors also offer excellent re-installation.

Our false floors have been widely installed at various Metro stations and IT Parks, Offices. And with our continuous efforts, we have become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of false floors/Access floors. And now we offer our products and services to a large number of customers around the world.

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