Tunnel Segment Bolts

Tunnel/Segment Bolts

The tunnel bolts are classified under the special type of bolts that are known as structural bolts which can be produced in various grades, sizes and load capacities depending on their specific use. Our comprehensive and affordable range of Segment Track Bolt 12.9 is used for fastening objects to ensure a secure bond. These tunnel/segment bolts are utilized to make transportation through undersea and underground tunnels possible by binding together a number of metal beams and posts which make up the tunnel’s frame.

Our galore of tunnel/segment bolts include:

Spear Bolts and Sockets

Canon fasteners fabricate the complete range from M16 –M30 diameter with lengths to a customer’s satisfaction. These bolts are easier to install than the curved bolts and are very easy to assemble. These spear bolts and sockets are available in a range of sizes to make construction easier, quicker and safer.

Curved Tunnel Bolts / Banana Bolt

Sundream Group is affianced in providing supreme quality Banana Bolts and we offer a complete range of this product that is readily available from M16 – M30 diameters. These banana bolts are widely used in the construction of metro railways.

T-Head Bolts

T-Head bolts are commonly used fasteners and are generally black oxidized, zinc galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, or dichromate and Rupert coated. T-Head bolts are designed to provide a secure grip for steady tightening. These are used for every connection application that involves tensioning and clamping.

Rock Bolts

These bolts mainly consist of a plain or threaded steel rod with a mechanical or chemical anchor at one end and a faceplate and nut on the other and are mainly used as temporary support in tunnels for ground support, rock stabilization, and anchorages in rock.

Customized Bolts

Being the well-known tunnel/segment bolt suppliers and exporters we provide round the clock support to our prestigious customer. Canon fasteners also manufacture different types of Bolts as per customer’s specific requirements with different range of Grade and Finishes.


Sundream Groups manufactures high-performance U-bolts for industrial applications. These U-bolts are available at competitive prices and are used throughout the industry as piping support, conduit support, motor, and engine shaft component fasteners, etc.


Durability and corrosion-resistance- All our tunnel bolts are designed using top-notch quality of raw materials as per the international standards at our vendor's end to ensure high durability and high resistance from rust and friction.

High consistency - Our tunnel/segment bolts are widely appreciated for superior quality and high consistency. These tunnel bolts have enough potency to meet up the international quality standards.

Cost-effective - We offer this wide range of bolts at affordable prices, thus giving you the best products at not so costly price. We are 24x7 ready to serve you the product that caters to your needs.


1. Rock bolts are used as temporary support in tunnels for ground support, rock stabilization, and anchorages in rock.

2. The tunnel/segment bolts are among the most vital fasteners and are an essential component for maintaining the entire tunnel’s structural integrity.

Tunnel fixings can be manufactured across a diverse range of grades including Mild Steel (4.6) Grade, High Tensile, (8.8) EN8, Stainless Steel. Our products are available in a wide range of coatings including galvanized, bright zinc plating and other specialist finishes.

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