5 Construction Trends by Commercial Projects in Noida that is Renovating the Whole Industry

June 7, 2019

From fresh and improved job sites to 3D printing and Virtual Reality (VR), the construction trends in commercial projects in Noida is progressing precipitously. Building practices and revolutionary technologies are transforming the whole real estate industry of NCR and is giving birth to commercial projects that are more affordable, faster and more secure. Following are the top 5 commercial construction trends that are changing the face of the Indian commercial industry-

1) Future Job Sites – IoT or the Internet of Things is the system of unified computing devices, digital and mechanical machines, people and/or objects that can communicate and transfer data among each other with the use of Unique identifiers over a network without needing human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. How this is beneficial in the construction of a building? Let’s dig deeper. Contractors and suppliers are always on the search for ways to cut costs, improve efficiency and safety of the workers; IoT implementation is the best option, as it will improve the site operations. IoT epitomizes various facets of the construction technology landscape, chief among which include –

They are already involved with big groups and completed major projects including five elevated stations in PaschimVihar, PeeraGarhi, Udyog Nagar and Surajmal Stadium. They also have completed three elevated stations in Lajpat Nagar, Moolchand and Kailash Colony.

a) employee and equipment tracking

b) drone surveying

c) wearables

d) other information necessary for the job site

2) Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – VR and AR technology are getting increasingly popular in all those areas where technology is needed. The implementation of both in commercial construction is enhancing relationships among project investors much before the construction begins. The power of VR is being used by the engineers and architect in not only designing the overall project, but also to maintain their presence on the construction site. Thanks to these technologies, the teams can detect errors beforehand and thus save a lot of money, time and efforts that goes into physically redoing things. The technologies give their share of help in securing the job sites, as both the management and working staff can evaluate site conditions without being exposed to the potential security or safety hazards. Likewise, the technologies also help the senior staff in providing trainings to the workers on how to operate and maintain construction equipment. Though, only a few projects are currently implementing these technologies to work, realizing their benefits more and more developers will start their use in the near future.

3) 3D Printing – Despite the fact that the 3D printing technology is moderately new, some big brands have already implemented the same using huge 3D printers with glass and cement. The major benefits of this technology are –

a) Reduction of safety risks

b) Reduction of health hazards

c) Use of recycled materials

d) Reduction in waste

e) And ability to create apparently un-dreamed of design concepts

Last decade saw much progress in 3D printing technology and industry experts are predicting that many future projects will implement this to create the design concepts along with benefits like savings on time and money.

4) Green Building – Green Building and Sustainable construction will rule the future construction stream; wherein more and more developers will look forward to implementing energy efficient features to their commercial projects. For example – regular bulbs are being replaced by LED lights that are both fashionable and energy efficient. Similarly, standard rooftops are being transformed into green rooftops that can insulate the building. Along with all these, the use of skylights, energy-efficient exterior doors and double layered windows has also gone up. Time is not far, when green building will be more of a rule to be followed than a fashionable trend being followed by some.

5) Modular Construction – Modular construction, prefabricated construction or off-site construction is anticipated to become an added trend with a caliber to implement futuristic thinking. Despite the fact that the trend has been around for years, it is recently that many industry experts has put in their interest in it. Modular buildings achieve LEED certifications, meet all building codes and are considered safer than the conventional construction sites, since all the work is performed in controlled environments. Off-site construction is apt for various construction projects like – schools, offices, hotels, hospitals, retail stores and residential buildings. Also, it is adding worth and popularity to its name because the developers and owners of the property are understanding that modular building are as good as any traditional onsite constructed building with the benefits of achieving the same in less money and time period.

Commercial real estate industry is embracing new technologies with open arms. While there might be challenges, if the commercial construction remains firm and dedicated towards its growth, the future of real estate will remain bright and shining.


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