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What are the false ceilings? Everything you would want to know

July 25, 2020

Usually, a building has four walls, but have you ever heard of a fifth wall? No?Then allow me to tell you. The fifth wall is a term given to a false ceiling that offers an aesthetically pleasing look to your buildings, houses, office spaces, etc. Nowadays, false ceilings are steadily gaining momentum as the fifth wall in a world of interior design, that almost always favored the four walls and the floor. The false ceiling designs have been around for years, however, today, they’re more advanced in terms of patterns, finishes, technology and illusions. From being a functional cover suspended under the structural ceiling to hide away ugly pipes and wiring, false ceilings have come a long way.

Interior designers describe false ceiling as an aesthetic design element that completely transforms a room from dull to stunning. In modern houses or buildings, ceiling design plays a vital role in the overall look of a room, as it often includes lighting that helps to control the mood in the room. This new wave of innovation is set to revolutionize the concept of the ceiling–making it a must-have in a new home.

Before diving into designs, we should first know about false ceilings and its advantages. Let’s begin:

In professional terms, a false ceiling is a fitted ceiling that hangs below the main ceiling of a room or home with the help of suspension cords or struts. These are usually mounted at a minimum distance of 8 inches from the main ceiling and are versatile enough to be constructed in homes of any size.
Benefits -?

Great acoustics

False ceilings act as an additional layer to the main ceiling that helps in reducing unpleasant sounds that may bother you and gives an acoustic comfort in the home. This makes them perfect for living rooms, home theatres, and AV rooms where movie-watching or listening to music are primary activities. These can also be installed in conference or meeting rooms in offices.

Adds to the beauty of the house

In today’s age, nobody is impressed by the boring whitewashed ceilings. Therefore, people have started to opt for false ceilings. False ceiling turns an ordinary room into an extraordinary room. It provides an elegant finish to your room, thus making it more beautiful and pleasing. So, what are you waiting for? Get the ceiling installed and impress your relatives, clients, and colleagues.

Hides wires

False ceilings such as baffle ceiling or open cell ceilings can hide ugly wires. If you’ve got a mess of wires on your ceiling or along walls, a false ceiling is the perfect interior design treatment to hide them. A false ceiling can also be fitted with sunken or hidden lighting. This takes care of illumination without the need for additional fixtures and wiring, thus making your rooms more neater and cleaner.

Brings lofty ceilings lower

If you have to deal with lofty vertical space that dwarfs furniture in a room, you can consider installing a false ceiling to restore proportions. This purely cosmetic design allows you to alter the look of your home without even touching the structure. Besides this, it also makes decorating easy and more streamlined, and it often doesn’t even require you to use a ladder. Isn’t that great?

Insulates the room

False ceilings are also used for thermal insulation. For homes in colder regions, this offers up an added perks of insulating the rooms. The additional layer creates a gap between itself and the main layer, which traps air and cools the room down. It also optimizes the functioning of air conditioners. False ceiling reduces space in ceilings, thereby increasing air conditioning performance.

Besides, it also helps reduce the power cost and saves money as well. So, these are some of the amazing benefits of installing false ceilings in your homes or buildings.

Now, let’s have a look at the types of false ceilings you can consider for your homes:

Open Cell Ceiling

Open cell ceilings are considered ideal for meeting the designer ceiling needs. They are quite demandable for their ability to accommodate air diffusers and lay-in light systems.

If you are in search of designer open cell-ceiling, then you can get them at Sundream Group. The open cell ceiling systems by Sundream Group can help define a space and create interesting shadows and lighting effects. The beauty of this ceiling system is such that its availability in distinctive shades will allow for quality presentation. In this world of the designer ceiling, open cell ceiling holds prime importance.

Baffle Ceiling

Baffle ceiling is ideal for creating a distinct atmosphere within a room space. These open ceiling constructions are particularly suited for remedial installation on concrete ceilings where a distinctive design or improvement to the acoustic sound is required. A sound baffle is a construction or device that helps reduce the level of airborne sound. Baffle ceiling is ideal for mitigating noise pollution and reverberating sound. Sound Baffles can be used to improve the acoustics of theatres, AV rooms, concert halls, conference rooms and other spaces where sound quality is important.

Metal Ceiling

Metal false ceilings are generally used in non-residential buildings, such as offices, hospitals, shopping malls and airports. These ceilings are widely used and are popular among architects for their strength, accessibility and comfort. Metal ceilings are the strongest solution in the suspended ceilings market. Like baffle ceilings, metal ceilings also offer excellent acoustic performances. In terms of both absorption and soundproofing, they make for greater acoustic comfort. At Sundream Group, you can have access to uniquely designed metal ceilings that are easy to install and clean.

Board Ceiling

Board ceilings are widely used in hotels, hospitals, schools, houses, and factories, to name a few. If you are in search of environment-friendly, lightweight, high-quality, fireproof, waterproof and corrosion-resistant false ceilings, then Sundream Group will be the right choice for you. They use top-notch quality materials and leading techniques in developing board ceilings that have made them one of the best metal ceiling manufacturers and suppliers. Board ceilings are available in a range of sizes and colors and are used widely around the world.

Tiles/Plank Ceilings

These tiles offer a sophisticated and uniform look to your room. Tiles/plank ceilings provide maximum value for your money and have been highly appreciated by interior designers. These are also popular among customers. They also provide some thermal insulation and are usually designed to improve the aesthetics and acoustics of a room. The tiles/plank ceilings give your residential or commercial space a unique character. So, with tiles/plank ceilings you can change the aesthetics of your room and that too without spending much.

Linear Ceilings

The linear metal ceilings are the most commonly used false ceilings and are best suited for both indoor and outdoor installations. These false ceiling systems create sleek modern lines and can be installed with open reveals between panels or closed with filler strips for a more uniform look and design. The endless variations of materials, colors, and unexpected details provide your home with an aesthetic look. These type of ceilings are simple to install and ideal for budget applications requiring aesthetic treatments or integral design feature.

Where can you install false ceilings in your home?

There’s no limit to where you could install false ceilings in your home or building. However, there are some popular options such as:

Living Room

It is one of the most popular options to install false ceilings. If you want to impress your guests, then installing an open cell ceiling or baffle ceiling in your living room can be a great option. This makes for a grand entrance and instantly signals at the amount of vertical space available, making the room look larger than it is.


The bedroom is a place where you unwind yourself after a busy day. Therefore, it is important to have a bedroom that is cool, quiet, comfortable and beautiful. A false ceiling over a bed is a great way to add beauty to the room without compromising on the comfort and cosines a bedroom should entail.

Kid’s Room

Kids love colorful, creative, and undeniably cool spaces. Instead of making your kid’s room all about pink and blue, consider taking all the color and throwing it up in the form of a ceiling. The false ceilings will surely do their work when it comes to making your child’s roommore vibrant.


Agree or not but sparkling ultramodern kitchens absolutely catch one’s attention. Installing designer false ceilings in a kitchen is a surefire way to add style. It converts a task-oriented space into one that scores points for offbeat design and looks. Not only does it look fancy, but it also provides additional lighting without using extra space.

The Bottom Line

Adding a false ceiling to an existing or new interior design plan makes your homes or buildings look cool, fabulous and classy. It also creates a cozy ambience and deserves applauds for supporting lower energy bills.

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