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The Beneficial and Attractive False Ceilings

July 22, 2020

Gone are the days when flat and simple ceilings were used as part of the design space. Today, people are attracted more toward ultra-glossy, reflective and shiny false ceilings that not only make the typical flat ceiling look attractive but also offer your home a luxurious look. So, with the advent of the false ceiling, it has become easier for people to embellish the beauty of any space whether it be an office, commercial complex, residential complex or theaters.

What makes false ceilings more attractive is that besides enhancing your home’s look it also helps reduce your household’s monthly expenses. Designer ceilings affect both the temperature and lighting in your house. They can conceal the messy wiring while being energy efficient. False ceilings can add beauty to your house while being air regulators. False ceilings are widely known for their use in residential as well as commercial spaces for concealing wires, soundproofing, fire safety, and energy efficiency and to help in moisture and sag resistance.

Earlier, false ceilings were usually made of gypsum boards, but these days, it is easy to find different types of false ceilings that are not only functional but also decorative. Metal ceilings such as clip-in tile ceiling, lay in tile ceiling, wood ceiling, etc. are some of the popular false ceilings. If you are in search of the best quality clip-in tile ceiling, lay-in tile ceiling, and other fancy ceilings then you can visit- Sundream Group is a renowned name in the construction industry that has been providing top-quality false ceilings, anchor fasteners, and other construction materials.

Now let’s discuss in details about the different types of false ceilings:

Metal Ceiling Tiles

Metal ceiling panels can be installed easily and require very little maintenance. It is an architectural element, consisting of a ceiling finished with plates of metal with designs pressed into them. Metals such as aluminum, steel and galvanized iron are widely used in the manufacturing of false ceilings. Clip-in tile ceiling, lay-in tile ceiling, open-cell ceilings, and baffle ceilings, are some of the types of metal ceilings. Metal ceilings are widely used in non-residential buildings such as offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, airports and shopping mall.
Gypsum Board False Ceiling

It is the most commonly used type of material that is used for the manufacturing of false ceiling material. Gypsum boards are easy to fix. They can be fixed either by nailing directly to ply or other plain surfaces or placing on a galvanized iron (GI) metal grid. There are different types of gypsum boards that are available in the market and some of them include regular gypsum board, fire-resistant gypsum board, moisture-resistant gypsum board, etc. The gypsum boards are light in weight and offer good sound and heat resistance.

Grid False Ceiling

Grid False Ceilings are very popular in the construction industry. These false ceilings are widely used in commercial office spaces. Grid false ceilings find their use in a large range of applications. They are best suited for concealed wiring. Mineral fiber grid ceiling and metal grid ceiling are the two types of grid false ceilings. These ceilings are easy to install and maintain. These ceilings are equipped with sound-proofing capabilities. Besides all this, these ceilings are also economical, thus helping you save money.

Plaster Of Paris (POP) Ceiling

Plaster of Paris (POP) is among the most commonly used false ceiling material that finds its use in a variety of commercial as well as residential roofing applications. It is cheapest amongst all the false ceiling materials as it is maintenance-free and highly durable. POP is also a good insulator of cold and heat. POP false ceilings are easy to construct and the price of POP depends on the design pattern. It offers a smooth finish and it is an excellent material for enhancing the light conditions.

Plywood Ceiling

It is viable as a ceiling material, particularly in the basement. They are widely used for their visually appealing aspects. Plywood ceilings are created with strips of ply which are either nailed or glued together. It is widely used in places with cold climate due to its insulating property. Plywood ceilings are robust and durable. However, this type of false ceilings is expensive than the other types of ceilings. Plywood serves capably as ceiling material in garages, shops etc. when the aesthetic design is not an issue.

PVC False Ceiling

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC ceiling is also one of the most commonly used ceiling systems. It is an ideal material for false ceilings in garages, basements, kitchens, toilets and bathrooms. It is easy to clean and maintain. PVC false ceilings are suitable for all types of climate. It is one of the most hassle-free and easy to install false ceilings. PVC ceilings are highly cost-effective. They are lightweight and resistant to moisture and termites. They do not get affected by UV light and hence are colorfast.

Wooden Ceilings

Wooden false ceilings have excellent natural patterns and textures that attract every eye. Wooden panels are easy to install often with just screws and nails. They are used in cold climates. Wooden ceilings are durable and can be finished in several ways including painting with appropriate shades of colors. Wooden false ceilings can offer both classic and modern look to your residential as well as commercial spaces. These types of panels are among the more expensive panels because of their high cost of material and the higher cost of maintenance. These ceiling panels can offer highly pleasing aesthetics giving the ceiling a rich and sophisticated look.

Glass Ceilings

Being a non-crystalline glass is a good material to work with for improving the aesthetics of a false ceiling. Due to its brittle nature, it is not used commonly but the brittleness can be reduced by adding suitable additives. Their transparency can be used effectively to make small spaces look bigger. Glass false ceilings improve the aesthetical appearance of your residential and commercial spaces. Glass ceiling panels can be a suitable roofing solution in establishments such as hotels, restaurants, book stores and jeweler shops. It is a great material for making your living spaces look luxurious.

So, these were some of the different types of false ceiling tiles that can be used to decorate your residential as well as commercial spaces.

Ceilings are one of the most important elements of your living spaces. They offer a maximum unobstructed view of any interior space. Therefore, one of the biggest advantages of installing false ceilings is that instead of putting one or more tube lights inside your room, .you can use high quality LED lights that save energy and last many years. You can fit LED lights inside your false ceiling in different corners of your home and can use the lights according to your need.

Apart from aesthetics, false ceilings also offer functional features that enhance their utility in more ways than one. These ceilings provide good acoustics where required sounds can be enhanced and at the same time, unwanted sounds can be minimized. They offer space for housing electric wires, pipes, and air-conditioning ducts. Thus, we can say that there are numerous benefits of installing a false ceiling.

There are several kinds of false ceilings that are in trend these days and some of them are as follows:

The most popular kind is the POP false ceiling and you can find this type of ceiling in almost every home. They give your home an exceptional look and to make it look more fascinating you can also either have wallpaper pasted on the false ceiling, or treat the plaster of Paris with textured paint.

Nowadays, people are more attracted to wooden floors and wooden ceilings. Wooden planks can be installed on the main ceiling or wooden veneer can be pasted on ply boards installed in the main ceiling. To enhance the lighting, you can make coves or a drop in the ceiling, with wooden planks.

If you want to give a dramatic look to your living spaces then you can incorporate multiple-levels ceilings, with coves, and by also using multiple materials, such as wood, pop, mirrors, metal ceilings such as clip-in ceilings, lay-in ceilings tiles and fabric.

One should also choose the colors for the ceilings wisely. The colors should not be dark as a lot of colors can disturb the concentration for the home. You should choose light colors, such as white, beige, light blue, for ceilings, depending on the color theme of the rest of the house.

So, these were some of the ideas you can try to make your home look more attractive. Besides all this, maintenance work must be done periodically in order to keep your false ceilings in a good state. While cleaning, maintaining or repairing the ceilings, you should ensure that ceiling alignment is maintained. If you are in search of modern, classy, and quality false ceilings then Sundream Group is the best choice for you. The company offers an array of false ceilings such as clip-in tile ceiling, lay in tile ceiling, linear ceiling, open cell ceiling, baffle ceiling, to name a few.

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