5 Most Important Tips for Commercial Investment Revealed!!

June 3, 2019

Commercial real estate is a kind of possession that is basically leased out for retail and business work. Some common investment categories in the commercial sector include industrial, retail, office, healthcare, leisure, and multifamily housing. It’s true that commercial property investment provides a way of building huge passive income. As a natural evolution for numerous investors, it provides various rewards in comparison to residential investments that include higher income, lower vacancy risks, more lucrative leasing contracts, and steady cash flow. However, investment in this kind of property comes with its own hindrances. Though they provide an extensive advantage, investors need to use their due diligence to make the right choices. Here are the five most important tips you need to follow to spot the right commercial property.

1. Seek advice
Once you’ve chosen a property that you’re really interested in buying, in case it’s a stand-alone property rather than part of a block of apartments, it’s crucial to hire a building and pest checker who can make a statement for you. They will perform function and safety inspections of the property and inspect the entire space, top to bottom, and write up an evaluation that details whether the building is up to code or not. It’s also advised to have a pest inspection conducted too.

2. Be practical
It can be very simple to be carried away with big dreams and goals of availing the ideal investments, but it’s important to remain practical about it. Remember…no property will tick all the boxes. However, if the asset has anything that you are doubtful of or if the cost is too high, you must leave it. There will always be other properties.

3. Negotiate
Remember…you don’t have to accept the asking price. You should always try and negotiate. Certainly, a knowledgeable buyer’s representative can do this for you in case it’s not your solid suit. But, in the markets that yet exist in several parts of India, it’s tough to negotiate a noteworthy sum off the requesting price when there are more purchasers than there are ideal properties around. But you must keep in mind, you can negotiate about much more than just the cost. Conditions such as the length and date of settlement, deposit and early access to the property and rent-back opportunities could swing the deal in your favor.

1. Sustainable Site Design: Minimize adverse impact on the environment through optimized building siting & design, material selection, and aggressive use of energy conservation measures. Maximize the use of renewable energy and other low impact energy sources. Building performance should exceed minimum International Energy Code (IEC) compliance level by 30-40%.

4. Consult a lawyer
Conveyancing is a vital procedure that eases the legal transference of possession of the property, from the seller to the buyer. A lawyer will look out of all the authorities involved and assess the contract as well as guide you on contract conditions and clauses. Thus, you should make sure not to sign everything until he asks you to go ahead.

5. Be patient
Purchasing a commercial property is not something that you can do on a whim. It needs time to get the correct property, so allow yourself to have a realistic timeframe to search, spot, negotiate and purchase your property. Getting acquainted with the market will aid you to find a better understanding of how the process of successful property investing works, which will ultimately help you make the best decision.

Commercial property investment can become less difficult if you keep in mind above-mentioned tips along with an idea of great location and good rentals while purchasing commercial property. Due to several rewards and profits, commercial property investment is growing as the most popular alternative to residential assets among investors. You need a good understanding of the market, financial aptitudes, and extended holding power to find the right commercial property in India.


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