5 Things to know before buying commercial property in Noida

March 8, 2019

After treading the miles of corporate industry, one decides to own an office; might it be for starting a new business or for expanding the existing one. In India, recent years have proven to be a boon for the commercial sector for it has been granted many reliefs, facilities and what not.

Some of the hotspots of international businesses in India are Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. These places have a high number of fascinating commercial properties and the apt talent required to cater the business needs. But owning a real estate is much more than just money. There are tons of other things which are needed to be taken into consideration.

So, by this article, let’s know about the 5 Things to know before buying commercial property in Noida.

Let’s get started.


Prime Location is the top priority of every business individual. The office space, which is easily accessible, can be expensive, but the office space in a remote location might not harvest good results. Hence, you need to choose a middle path.

It all depends upon the type of business. If your work is online and there is very less client footfall, you can go for a more affordable office. However, if your business is client based, make sure that it is easily accessible, road facing and on the ground floor. The other things to consider are the nearby spots of Bus Stops, Metro stations and eating vicinities as well.


This is the other important thing to consider if you are hunting for a commercial property in Noida. Make sure that there is enough parking space for the employees and the customers/clients.

The place should be equipped with the amenities like a pantry, clean and drinkable water supply round the clock and good-conditioned washrooms. And if there is a hang-out zone, it could be considered as a perk.


In the era of internet connectivity, one can’t imagine the business without the high-speed internet. Though it sounds a bit trivial as it is present almost everywhere, still you should make sure that there are strong telephone and internet connections in the region.

Today, almost 87% of businesses are conducted over phone and internet; make sure your location doesn’t hamper your connectivity.


A commercial office is not just about the companies it caters to but it is a lot about the builder as well.

The better the reputation of the broker, the concrete are the promises he makes. So, before signing the deal through any broker, do not forget asking random questions and judging the reputation he carries in the sector.


Buying or leasing an office is not a cup of tea. The paperwork and the agreements can sometimes be insane, resisting the minds of a layman.

Make sure you get some professional help while completing the paperwork. It would not only ensure the completion of work with utmost satisfaction, but it would also save you from any kind of blindsided frauds.

While buying a commercial property in Noida, ensure that you are getting all the registration certificates including clearance from state government, ownership transfer documents, property tax receipt and so on.

Closing Comments

Buying a commercial property doesn’t just give your business a roof, but it also formulates your reputation. Do consider professional help before going into such contracts and do not forget going thoroughly through the paperwork. We wish all the best for your success.

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