A Few Reasons Why Your Business Card Holds the Same Good Old Position in This Digital World

September 13, 2019

Nowadays, all that we do in business is Digital —-sharing project info, sending mails, attending meetings, signing contracts and even networking. Among all these aspects, business card is one thing that the digital world still fears of and our so-called technology does not have the capacity to replace the same any time soon.

In this article, we will be sharing top reasons why this old school methodology of sharing business and personal details (using business card) is still crucial and why as an owner of a business you must keep your pockets loaded at all times.

1) Digitally exchanging contact info is impersonal – We all know the importance of networking and we also know that it is all about making genuine connections. However, to achieve that honesty, one should not swap contact information via e-mail or text; we understand that it is convenient yet it is extremely impersonal. Maintaining an eye contact while sharing info and having an actual conversation is the real ice breaker and helps in starting real professional relationships.

Trust me, two people with their eyes buried in their smart and expensive phones typing the information to be shared will not create any noteworthy memory of the meeting.

2) Business cards are the best and quickest marketing tools – SEO, PPC and Email marketing all do excellent job in attracting potential clients and leads, yet they are not as direct as an in-person conversation and meeting sealed with a handshake and exchange of business cards. Business owners can happenstance contacts and potential leads at any time and place – industry conferences, tradeshows, air port lounges, happy hour — and equipping yourself with sufficient business cards every time will guarantee that you will never miss a golden chance to have that profitable business connection.

3) Business Card is your chance to put that first impression of your business – When you find someone who could be a great prospect for your business, you would definitely want that person to walk away with a great impression of your brand. A happy face passing on the business card would do more than just passing the phone number or other contact details.

4) Creatively designed business cards when shared continue to market your business for a long-long time – Since business card is a physical object and going away with it the potential client cherish the experience for a long time. The encounter with you and your business stays with them. If you meet a lead and while talking exchanged the phone number and other mailing details, shake hands and walk away —-it ends there. However, if you have passed on your business card – first you make the impression that you are prepared all the time and secondly the person might share the same with other people, thus largening your business horizon with just a creative piece of paper.

5) Business cards demonstrate your preparation – As mentioned in the above points, arming yourself with business cards showcase your preparation. Think about the situations –

a) If someone write his/her contact information on a napkin and pass it on to you to safekeep it

b) Or your phone battery is about to die and you don’t want to waste the same on saving someone’s contact details

Both of them are demonstrate highly unprofessional approaches. Now imagine that you met two business owners, wherein one is struggling to find pen and paper to write down his contact information for you and the other one simply pulled out his business card, who would have lasting and positive impression on you. Your preparation showcases your professional attitude and aptitude.

These were a few points that force me to load my wallet and pockets with my business cards at all time. Fear not. No matter how digitally advance we become, the Conversations will start and business meetings will still end with, “Let me give you my business card,” and that is for sure.

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