Life lessons

Comprehending Life Lessons

October 24, 2019

Life lessons are classes you cannot afford to fail. The lessons of life should not be ignored. Life chose us, we did not choose it. What you learn in life will determine your faith. If you ignore what life teaches you, you are bound to repeat the lesson again. Many of us have experienced traumas by repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Life offers neither apologies nor gives any passes. What you put in is what you get. The key to succeeding with those lessons is to pay close attention to what life is offering you. The lessons come in many forms. You can learn from observing failures/successes of others and from your own personal experiences. The lessons are there to guide you. When you practice to just get by, you will find yourself falling behind. To do just enough to just pass through puts limitations on your life. When you put forth the extra efforts, you gain the clarity and insight to succeed. That extra effort imparts the knowledge that you can accomplish anything in life if you stick with it. To accomplish anything, you put your mind to, requires knowledge. With knowledge you gain wisdom. Wisdom is a key ingredient in sustaining and moving forward in life. Without wisdom, the odds of failure are greatly increased.

As we move forward, we take from our past experiences, lessons that provide us positive energy. The knowledge gained from those constant lessons mark the footprints of past failures and successes. We gain a considerable amount of knowledge from both. How we use this knowledge is an excellent measurement as to how much wisdom we have gained. Life is continuous, never stopping and never reversing. What we take from the past must fuel us for the future. The quality of your future is dependent on how you apply the wisdom that you now, have knowledge of. Your character reflects what you have learned in life and how you apply that knowledge. Character is important, because it’s what you are, even when no one is looking. It reflects your beliefs and your values. Your beliefs and values can be attributed to what you have experienced and learned throughout your life. When the focus has been sharpened by constantly applying the principles and values learned throughout your life, you shorten the amount of time it takes to reach your goals. This does not suggest that there are shortcuts. Hard work, dedication, drive, tenacity and intelligence will all need to play their part.

The simpler things are the more complex they seem to be. It is impossible to ignore some of the tragedies that life has brought without warnings, planning or prior consequences. We never saw these things coming. These types of incidents in our lives will test our faith, beliefs and strength. They also help to build character. Steel sharpens steel. Every incident, every heartache, every loss adds to the fibers of you. They contribute to your direction, your focus and allow you to gain strength through experience. You gain the fortitude to continue to move forward, regardless of the adversity. Every gain, every move has a purpose. Because of the attention that you paid to the lessons taught you so far, the better you are able to empower your destiny. To master how you control your feelings and actions, allows you to master your destiny.

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