Good Personal Work Ethics – Need and The Benefits

September 5, 2019

We all hear of working ethics but many have not really considered deeply what it means to have and abide by them.

Why Do Companies Have Work Ethics?

Have you carefully considered why companies have work ethics and expect members of staff to abide by them? It’s a simple knowledge that without rules and guiding principle in operation there is bound to be recklessness, nonchalance and anarchy anywhere humans converge for any daily activity. It is the fear of application of disciplinary measure to those in default as to obedience to rules that puts every man in shape. Imagine an organization where there are no rules for work and punishment. That organization is doomed to fail ambition. Therefore, for success to be recorded there has to be rules and the level of success of most companies depends mainly on the healthiness of the company’s policies and to what extent they are applied.

Need For Personal Ethics

The average man is disorderly in terms of mapping out for himself his daily routine, setting goals and organizing his attitude. That is why more than 50% who set up rules for personal duty discharge never even use them.

Most people like to hide from their responsibilities by casting blame on others. This is a natural human trait and it dates back to the Garden of Eden. Adam who was so brilliant as to know how to name all the animals God had created was not so brilliant as to take responsibility for what he has done, rather he cast the blame on Eve, forgetting that he is the officer in charge.

Therefore, no matter how brilliant you might be, if you want to excel in that work place, you must set rules that will make you better than every other person employed there. In this time of economic meltdown for instance when so many workers are afraid that they will be sacked, many do not think about it. If some workers say they want to leave, their employers will give them pay raise and do whatever it takes to keep them.

There can be only one reason for this. “Effective duty discharge” No matter how ineffective you are, you can make yourself important by setting adequate rules for effective duty in your work place and following them through. I think the reason few people succeed in life is not because there are no adequate opportunities around but that men are not ready to apply themselves to rules that will make them stand out from the crowd.

Important Tip – Work ethics can be cultivated and there is no age when to start. However, experts recommend to start early, which means parents should start cultivating work ethics in their children. And it can be done through actions and expressions, for instance –

1. Happiness does not come from doing anything, having anything, being anything or winning something. Happiness is how we, as individuals need to arrive at work, arrive in relationships, arrive at our children’s school performances. We’re singularly and individually responsible for getting happy.

2. Better – Nobody wakes up wanting less of the good things in life. But BETTER has become so emotionally tangled up with FEEL GOOD that people in general have mistaken BETTER for SELF-OBSESSION. It is time to learn and teach that Better means better contribution, better giving, better service to others, better support, better giving, not better taking.

3. Faster – How long does it take you to get over an emotional upset, a disappointment, to grieve and loss, to get back up after a fall. How long does it take you to solve a problem, deal with a worry, unravel an anxiety? One day, Two? –Learn and teach them those pre-existing medieval arts that turn such healing times into seconds and minutes. Life is too precious to stay down for more than necessary and the old work ethic of “give me a month off” to deal with a drama, is a self-destructive, limited perception of the power of the human SOUL. Sure, our ego might take years to heal, our identity might take months to rebound out of some humiliation, but these are just signs of antique self-awareness.

So, if you really want to make a difference in your work place, create the environment to make it happen and make it happen by following it through.

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