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Investing in Office Spaces is A Quick Way Forward for Small Businesses

April 18, 2020

In keeping with view and expertise of Sundream group, one of the top 10 metro contractors in India, first impression is the key and it counts a lot when you are in a well-established business or having a startup, this first impression comes when you are having an office space with a luxurious reception, board or meeting rooms that showcase your class and which ensure your existing and potential customers that they are doing business with someone who wants nothing but success in life. One should invest in office space that is grand in all aspects, as it establishes confidence of your customers, suppliers and employees and they feel confident about their association with your business.

Anyone in business will tell you that this all comes at a high price tag. Buying or renting offices can these days become even more expensive than acquiring a house or home and is all too often a luxury afforded by high turnover, well established businesses; That is, until you scratch the surface and see there is an alternative and different concept in office rental and growing in increasing popularity all over the world.

Micro firm office spaces and managed work spaces.

This concept is old as the hills, however, a more stylish approach where reception staff act as co-workers to your business, fielding calls and maintaining a high-quality work environment is a somewhat newer ideology. Originally a concept started in the nineties by the IT, computer networking, design and creative sectors, managed work spaces now even offer the same service even if you do not have an office there, called virtual tenancy.

The Virtual Tenant

The modern designed Business centers of today offers “Virtual tenancy”, allowing its investors to have access to their long list of services during working hours, however most business centers work 24/7. This new age facilities are a boon for consultants and individuals who travel a lot and/or don not need a permanent commercial office space, yet need full reception services and a competent and fully professional staff on the end of the phone.

Virtual tenancy services include:

1. Registered Address

2. Postal Address – mail forwarded once a week

3. Your own telephone numbers

4. Telephone answering service

5. Preferred discounts on van hire, boardroom hire and self-store hire

6. Free Wi-Fi facilities

7. Monthly contract with one month’s notice.

Managed office environments are starting to come of age now, and the concept is evolving into more of a networking hub, professional club or business launch pad with partnering or neighboring businesses pooling their resources. Clients use the storage space and office facilities on an ad-hoc basis only paying for the service when they need it.

Modern Facilities

With all-inclusive costs or rents, offices are equipped to the highest standards, including high security CCTV, Cat II lighting and ultra-fast broadband internet access. Plush offices and boardrooms with plasma televisions and networked computers, iPads and laptops are often the norm and enhance the impression of quality and success.

An environment to prosper.

Managed office spaces are not just about letting office space cheaply, but also about ensuring your business will grow and prosper by neighboring businesses clustering to offer wide range of services that rival any major company and these days the guts and determination of micro businesses tendering in coalition for that all-important contract often shines through.

The demand for commercial office spaces is on the rise and this is particularly with respect to furnished office spaces. New businesses are looking for ways in which they can save time and money and start operating as soon as they set up. Fully furnished spaces and plug-n-play offices fit the bill as they are self-contained units that not only assist in setting up but also operating a business without any hassles.

So, when considering your first step on the business ladder have a dig around and find your local micro firms center or business center. There are often managed properties by the reputed developers offering all-inclusive properties to their investors. These units are nothing less than an easy to grab advantage in today’s hostile business environments. If you are in a hurry and want quick property selection yet want the very best, we suggest you to explore the choices available with Sundream group. For further information on property types, sizes and prices, explore

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