List of products offered by the Sundream Group

June 27, 2019

“Ease your customers’ pain”, is something we all want, be it as a customer or as an organisation. When you are looking for services in the field of constructors and infrastructure, who else should you approach other than the Sundream group? Established and set up in the year 1967, the Sundream group has turned out to be one of the leading service providers in India in the field of infrastructure and construction services. Having an experience of more than 40 years in the field, the company can provide offers which are self-sufficient in satisfying customers. Not only that, the Sundream Group has expanded its array of services and added Canon Fasteners as their product vertical, which deals in all the leading construction and infra-related products. They have also been added to the list of leading baffle false ceiling suppliers in the region.

Working with full devotion to satisfying clients’ needs and meeting their demands is what makes the company successful. Paying full focus on listening to the client and then providing their services is the highlight of their success (which is what every client desperately searches for in companies nowadays). With a mission of offering nothing less than the best to its clients and empowering them, thus helping them grow as well, is what makes the Sundream group stand out.

Talking about what the company has to offer under its section of “Canon Fasteners”, the list is pretty long. So let us begin by telling what is the “Canon Fasteners” all about. Canon Fasteners is a distinguished name in the Asian continent when it comes to manufacturing and developing expansion fasteners (Anchor Fasteners). This new section introduced by the firm intends on serving its customers by providing specialised fixing and anchoring products. Not only this, the Sundream group has ensured customer satisfaction by appointing a team of Research and Development professionals who aid the firm in providing products catered to clients.

Here’s a list of few things the “Canon Fasteners” provides:-

1. Tunnel Segment Bolts: Being pretty skilled in their fields, the Canon Fasteners provide a whole range of tunnel fixings or tunnel segment bolts. Having industrial experts by their side, they never disappoint and provide one platform to all contractors to buy all sorts of tunnelling products which may include plastic fittings such as plugs, dowels, bolt sockets etc.

2. False Ceilings: Looking for some decorative false ceilings? Don’t worry for Canon Fasteners has a solution for that too. Providing a range of decorative false ceilings, wires, conceal pipes and acoustic and thermal insulation, thus offering an improved sound quality and light reflection

3. False Floors: Super cost-efficient and environment-friendly, these false floors provide a safe environment by HVAC, voice, data and power cabling beneath the floor, hence enhancing your interiors and improving your workplace. Thus, the Canon Fasteners not only help you in improving your place but helps you stay updated.

4. Stainless Steel Tactiles: Another product in the line is the stainless steel tactiles, which includes ceiling, claddings, railing and some more hardware accessories which are made with the sole purpose being customised according to the customer’s needs. The team offers fitting precision, seamless finishes, assembling and technical protection of the railing.

5. Stainless Steel Composite Panels: Last but not the least, one more of some of the products is the Stainless Steel Composite Panels. This product is responsible for providing exterior and interior cladding for canopies, columns, elevators, escalators and much more. Tested for precision and toughness by the company professionals, this product is one of the best ways to endure diverse weather condition with proper dust proofing and perfect finesse.

Thus, these are a few of the products in the field of supplying baffle false ceiling. Hence, towards the end all, these are just a few of the products and once used, the client is destined to return here!

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