Quick Glance at Mastering Business and Self Change Management

September 20, 2019

Changes became a part of daily living. Some years ago, the pace of changes was at much slower rate. A few hundred years ago, there was even less changes. But today the changes are accelerating in every aspect of our life. In our private life we see the changes every day.

It is crucially important to understand that changes are inevitable. It is important for every individual to understand his/her role in making the changes happen and what is required to deliver successful and sustainable change. Some researches show that at least 65% of change initiatives are failing. The implemented change that didn’t last a day after the project is “successfully” completed is also failure in the change process itself. There are many reasons for failure of changes.

People sometimes allow themselves too much easiness. They focus on one segment of change instead on all segments. They fail to make strong change team. They underestimate the power of vision, or they miscommunication the vision to all stakeholders. They may declare victory too soon. They forget that the culture is changing very slowly. Finally, they forget to follow up the change process.

Sustainable change management requires structured change process. There are many change management systems. The weakness of most of them is their complexity. Due to their complex structure they are not applicable to small, daily projects and changes. The good change management system needs to be simple, but still robust enough to support every change process.

Running a business or working for a certain company will entitle you to use your emotions. This is significantly important because being a professional means you need to make decisions, whether they are small or big. Studies show that too little emotion is actually as bad as too much emotion when it comes to decision-making. That is why as an individual, it doesn’t matter if you’re the business owner or just a plain employer, there is a need for you to know the ways in order for you to master business change management. The following are a few tips on how to do this.

1. Immediately label any type of change as a ‘Transition’ – If your company is going through a business change right now then it calls for a professional change for you. Now, one way for you to manage this kind of change is to think that you are in the space between two things. This is a transition and through this, you will be able to create a better future as well as recreate yourself so don’t be alarmed.

2. Now is the time to develop your Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EIQ) – Another way for you to effectively business change manage is by developing your emotional quotient. This is a proactive way for you to prepare yourself with any kind of changes especially professional changes. Through this, you will be able to accept any business change imposed by the company as part of your career and there won’t be any room for job stress.

3. Build resilience and accept change as a ‘constant’ thing – Being resilient means that you will be able to survive any loss, failure, adversity and rejection, while remaining hopeful. By being this kind of professional, it will not be hard for you to accept any business downsizing, promotion, or raise that is not granted and so on.

4. Work with certified emotional intelligence coaches – Another advisable way for you to master business change management is for you to get an EQ Coach. This professional will be able to help you proactively develop your EQ and you will become more prepared in case changes happen in your life. Even if your main concern is dealing with any professional change, you cannot disregard the fact that changes that involve relationships, emotions, and life balance can happen. That is why getting an EQ coach rather than just a career coach is more efficient and effective.

Our emotions play a big role when it comes to decision-making. It doesn’t matter if the decision that you are trying to reach is for a personal cause, for a company that you are trying to shift in a different direction, or a change in your career path. Keep in mind that increasing your emotional intelligence is crucial in order for you to be successful in any kind of change management.

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