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September 28, 2019

The Sundream Group emerged as one of the leading companies. It was established in 1967. It is one of the best companies that offer integrated infrastructure and construction services in India. It has experience of over forty years. It provides an extensive range of architectural products and construction services. It has a unique insight into consumer beliefs.

A raised floor is flooring with an elevated structure. The raised floor is above the solid substrate. It creates a covered space for the passage of electrical and mechanical services. They are an essential requirement for modern houses, offices, and buildings. They are present in areas like command centers, information technology data centers, etc. The rooms require routing of mechanical services and cables, wiring, and electric supply. This type of flooring is available at heights, ranging from 2 inches to 4 feet.

The type of installation determines the altitude of the panel. Such floors often have lighting or structural support. The panel is made with the help of steel-clad particleboard or as a steel panel with an internal core. Different types of floorings like carpet tiles, high-pressure laminates, marble, stone, etc. cover the panel.

With the growing popularity, many raised floor manufacturers have come to India. These include Access Floor International, United access floors, Tankaria Access Floors, etc.

Access Floor International is an enterprise established in 1986, at Mumbai. It provides a wide range of services for raised floor systems. These include Raised Floors, and Steel Cementitious Raised floors, etc. An experienced staff runs the business operations. They have networks with various international manufacturers.

Tankaria Access Floors is a company targeted towards providing energy-efficient and economical solutions for raised flooring. The company has branches in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

It fulfills the demands by providing modern, environment-friendly, constructions for different companies. It serves call centers, office spaces, educational institutes, hospitals, cinema halls, etc.

The company claims proficiency in manufacturing and installation for floating floors and different understructure systems.

There are many raised floor manufacturers in the market.

The company has a consumer-oriented approach. It prioritizes the client’s needs and insights above everything. It provides reliable solutions to consumers. It enables clients to tackle complex construction challenges. The company satisfies consumer needs with intense dedication. It offers a variety of products under the category of Canon Fasteners. Canon fastener is a valued name in Asian manufacturing and developing expansion systems. The company provides specific fixing and anchoring products to the consumers, with the help of canon fasteners. A Research and Development team is appointed by the company, to promote innovation of the technique.

Sundream Group’s raised floors, also called false flooring, are developed with canon fasteners technology. It is very cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. The raised floors are environment-friendly and made with the help of HVAC. The voice, data, and power cabling are done under the floor. It enhances the interiors and improves the functioning of the workspace. The canon fastener technology enables the improvement of the workspace and keeps the consumer updated.

Hence, the latest technology enables the Sundream group to become the leading raised floor manufacturer of the country. The products come with an assurance of quality. The company uses the latest technology and techniques, proving quality products, to consumers. The effort and hard work put in by the workers, make the Sundream group a trusted brand. The precision of the company helps it became a part of many success stories. The Sundream Group promises to continue its legacy of quality.

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