Security Risks – Two Simple Technologies That CanShield Your Business Against Them

August 2, 2019

For large companies, an information security breach could mean a lawsuit. For smaller companies, it could mean the end of their business.

In today’s world, small business security is essential. It could just be a simple billing address or confidential legal records. Big or small, it is a company’s responsibility to secure that information against unauthorized access, hardware breakdown or any event of force majeure.

There are many forms and approaches to small business security. Protecting the physical assets (hardware), limiting access to the information and encrypting the data is, by far, the best approach. This article emphasizes the need for every small business entrepreneur to obtain top security products to protect your PCs and servers against malicious and dangerous programs (malware).

The first and most important thing is to get each workstation or PC and server in your company installed with a running and updated anti-virus program. Without this, your computers could be attacked by millions of possible malicious programs, such as spyware or viruses.

There are a number of leading anti-virus packages in the market you can choose from. Not only will these keep your business’ PCs, laptops and servers secure from threats and malware, some of them also feature applications that allow you to check the status of each of your machines connected to the network from a single PC.

Other anti-virus packages offer small business security even against unknown viruses and threats based on their behavior, even if those viruses have not yet been entered into the database.

Another option to ensure small business security is one with an email component that protects you against phishing and spam, as well as other viruses that are distributed via email.

There is a whole range of small business security products available. Certain packages allow you to select from solutions that provide anti-virus protection based on your specific needs. In fact, there is even an edition that runs on Linux servers!

Others offer adjustable scanning speed, that is, high-speed while your PC is not in use, and then automatically shifts to low priority mode when the PC is in use.

A newly-released product combines the anti-malware feature that is ideal for small businesses, but still delivers real-time defense against viruses and other threats. It also filters unwanted and dangerous emails through its anti-spam protection, while still allowing you the freedom to control internet access especially when it comes to instant messaging and social networking sites.

To top it all off, some packages include small business security of information tools that automatically backs up all your PCs and servers, while creating an encrypted vault where you transfer sensitive information and protect against unauthorized or accidental deletion. This also includes a virtual “file shredder” that wipes off your entire system to protect against any attempt at reconstruction.

The second step that companies should include in their security tasks is that they should regularly facilitate the administration and organization of various security machines across geologically scattered groupsthat too while investing limited manpower and finances. These are nothing less than the challenge, which is addressed by the many tech-brand’s Security Management Appliances. The SMA centralizes the management functions and the reporting functions over various branded Email Security Appliances and Web Security Appliances. The end result of this integration is –

a) Simplified administration and planning

b) Improved compliance monitoring

c) Enhanced threat protection

d) Consistency in policy enforcement

Based on a powerful platform enhanced for reporting and tracking functions, these SMAs likewise convey high execution and adaptability while keeping the value for money intact for the consumers. The SMA improves organization’s administration by distributing setups from one management console to numerous web security appliances and email. The consumer can oversee redesigns and settings through a centralized position on the SMA console as opposed to on the distinctive or individual appliances. Then again, associations can allot particular appliance to distinct requisitions in high-volume deployments. Completely reconciled reporting combines real-time traffic from multiple email and web security appliances.

In this age of the computers and technology, small business owners must remember that they, too, are at risk against these threats. These threats must be taken seriously! They must guard their companies against these dangers and take all precautions necessary to maintain their small business security. Their success – or failure – in managing these security threats could spell the continuity or end of their company.


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