Shared Office Space in Noida – Redefining the Working Environ for Freelancers

May 14, 2019

The last decade has seen tremendous economic growth in Noida, several fast-growing companies invested in Noida and thus transformed the place into a corporate hub. The place also gave full support and encouragement to several startups, which in near future will become successful companies. Thus, Noida is no less than a boon for startups and for the young entrepreneur. While the city does everything possible to nurture everyone under its shelter, it could not save them from the exorbitant commercial office spaces. However, just like parents don’t leave their children in the lurch, the city tried hard and came up with a magical solution – the shared office space in Noida. Coworking spaces are redefining the working environment for various professionals and it came out in full swing in supporting its freelancing professionals. Freelancers can choose from a wide range of options available, be it – managerial cabins, open workstations, flexi seating options, private offices, meeting rooms, etc. The choice depends upon the space requirement, location preference and budget.

Facilities offered by shared office spaces –

The work spaces offered are at par with the office environment offered by the professional corporates. The amenities of these facilities will help you to achieve your best performance and productivity. Some of the common facilities available are –

a) Open lounge – A commodious open lounge is common with every co-working office space. The spaces are designed in an informal and cool manner where seating is done with couches and bean bags. Professionals can work or can spend time interacting with colleagues over a cup of coffee.

b) Wi-Fi – Every co-working office space developed and maintained by a reputed name offers its consumers with free and high speed WiFi. The facility of internet connectivity ensures that you are never out of connectivity and can communicate from every nook and corner of the building.

c) Food court – In all good co-working spaces, there is the availability of the food court or the open pantry wherein the co-working space users can have hygienic, freshly prepared food at subsidized rates.

d) Video conferencing – Most well planned and managed co-working spaces understand the fact that you work on global fronts and that means you need to remain in contact with clients, colleagues, associates from different parts and areas of the world. Hence, there is the availability of video conferencing with large screens for quick and efficient connectivity and correspondence.

e) Printing and copying services – Office work mean- lots of paper work and for that most co-working office spaces offer free of cost print and copy services to its users.

f) Bio-metric log – For tracking the attendance and in and out of your employees and associates, you can even have the facility of biometric log. It is a foolproof way of tracking your employee’s movement during working hours.

g) Fixed parking space – Dedicated parking for you, your employees and associates means, time saving. The coworking spaces of today will not only assign you with a dedicated space inside but will also provide you with a dedicated parking space, which will ensure you get the parking space every day without any efforts.

h) Round the clock access – Offices of today work 24X7 and so does our co-working spaces. This is a great benefit for freelancers and entrepreneurs who work at odd hours (don’t prefer 9 to 5 working schedule) or those who have to match their working as per the international working hours (US or UK shifts).

i) Admin and/or IT support services – Since, coworking spaces have their own dedicated support staff to manage their administrative and IT services, you will get the benefits of using these efficient staff for troubleshooting your technical concerns as and when required. This is not only convenient but economical as well, as this will come as part of your package.

Besides, if you opt for co-working spaces you will get the benefits of CCTV cameras that captures footages 24X7, runner services, foolproof security services with dedicated staff, etc.

These services might be available at large organizations but if you are a freelancer, working from home, it is not possible for you to arrange for all these facilities there. Hence, saying ‘Yes’ to a coworking space would be the wisest professional decision, as it would redefine your workplace and there will be no turning back.


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