Successful Entrepreneurs Delegate Their Work – You Can’t Do It All

August 16, 2019

You’ve launched your business – it’s been your dream and you’re filled with passion, purpose and energy. But as your business grows, you may well find there’s more to running your business than you anticipated. There are so many areas to consider – marketing, promotions, technology, accounts etc.

At this point it’s easy to get so caught up in working in your business that you no longer have the time, energy or focus to work on your business.

Congratulations – you’re about to embark on stage 2 of your business life!

This is when your business matures to the point where you need to let go of controlling every aspect and call in assistance. This is when you must delegate in order to continue to grow and be successful. If you don’t, your business will never expand. Here are my top 5 ways to delegate:

1. Do what you do well and delegating the rest. Ask yourself what you least enjoy – and then decide to give these frustrating parts of the business to someone else. If you’re billing your clients at (X) per hour, doesn’t it make sense to outsource time consuming and boring parts of the job to someone else for (X-60 or 70) an hour?

2. Need to feel in control? Do you have trouble letting go and trusting other people to do your work? Do you think that you are the only one who can do a good job? If you have a fear of letting go of control remember that no highly successful business people ever did everything themselves.

3. Find help! It’s important to find someone who you can trust and who is able to do the job. Ask for referrals from clients, colleagues or business owners you admire.

4. Virtual Assistants. With so much instant technology available, it’s no longer a requirement to have an assistant working with you side by side. They could be in a different building, suburb, city or country. Google ‘virtual assistant’ and you’ll find agencies that deal in this area.

5. Freelancers. It pays to have professional help for major projects. While you may think doing it yourself is the cheapest and easiest way to go, a professional edge can make the world of difference to your sales.

Let’s Dig Deep

A lot of people feel that if they want something done properly, they should either do it themselves or keep a hawk’s eye on the person they delegated it to – this will not necessarily help you become more effective and productive. Each one of us is different, and we will have different ways to delegate. Read on and achieve some food for thought when it comes to delegation.

Step 1: Why Delegate?

  • Why do you delegate?
  • Why delegate to that specific person?
  • Why is delegating this job important?

Step 2: What needs to be achieved?

  • What do you want to accomplish at the end of the job done?

Step 3: What assistance do you need to provide?

  • Do you need to provide any training?
  • Who can be called when assistance is needed?
  • What equipment and other tools do you need to provide?
  • What is the budget?

Step 4: By when?

  • When should the task be completed?

Step 5: Feedback

  • Give feedback on the process and task completed.

Step 6: Follow up

  • Have regular meetings and follow-up with the delegates and stand ready if there are any questions to be asked.

Step 7: Authority

  • Tell others what has been delegated and make clear the authority of that

Step 8: Style

  • Delegate in your own styles with your own techniques. You will automatically improve and adapt your delegation style.

Here are some extra tips to think about when you delegate:

  • DON’T delegate the BAD jobs, saving the good ones for yourself.
  • SHARE your power with SUBORDINATES.
  • KNOW your each one of your SUBORDINATES.
  • If you delegate work that is NOT within a subordinate’s NORMAL JOB, be sure to explain WHY.
  • Once you have delegated a task, follow-up to make sure the job is done PROPERLY, but do not over supervise.
  • DEFINE RESPONSIBILITIES for each subordinate and make this information known to others.
  • Delegate in such way that a subordinate receives instruction from only ONE PERSON and is held accountable to ONLY one person.
  • Let employees know what decisions they have the authority to make and delegate decisions to the lowest possible level where they can be competently exercised.
  • Delegate with CONSISTENCY.
  • Delegate WHOLE TASKS so that subordinates can see projects through to COMPLETION; allow sufficient time to get jobs done.
  • Insist on CLEAR COMMUNICATION when delegating work.
  • REINFORCE good performance.
  • LEARN to live with the work that IS NOT DONE to the way you WOULD DO IT.

Delegate so your business activities remain enjoyable and fruitful for you.

Happy Delegating!!!

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