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October 17, 2019

Building a house equals building a dream. The construction industry is an essential asset for any country. It is responsible for making the entire infrastructure. The right infrastructure has the power to literally ‘change’ the face of a nation. Infrastructure also determines the kind of projects and technologies a country can support. All these points and many more advantages make infrastructure a significant factor to be addressed.

The development in the Indian construction industry indicates the development of the country. It is so because it creates investment opportunities throughout different sectors. The contribution of the construction industry to national GDP in 2011-12 was US$ 3000 billion. The share equals to approximately 19 percent of the whole GDP. The construction industry is extremely labor-intensive. It mostly includes indirect jobs and employees of more than 49.5 million people in the country. The sector plays a crucial role in economic development.

There has been a considerable progression in the Construction sector post the independence of India. The majority of the infrastructure development sectors progressed except the rate of development is a bit lower than required. The Union government has underlined the prerequisites for the development of the construction industry. The current emphasis is on developing physical infrastructure, and for this, considerable investment has been made. The Planning Commission of India estimated the investment requirement close to14,500 billion rupees for the 11th Five Year Plan. The need was of intense magnitude. The budgetary sources were incapable of raising the amount required. It consequently led to the popularization of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). In addition to the coalition between the public and private sectors, better construction management also facilitates productivity and enhances efficiency.

The enormous scope and requirement have made construction industry progress at significant rates. It has resulted in the commencement of a lot of builders in Noida/Delhi. A few of the names include Express Builders, Earthcon Construction Pvt. Ltd, Saviour Builders Private Ltd, etc. These companies offer extended services throughout the various processes of construction.

Though there are many builders in Delhi/Noida, one of the leading names in the industry is Sun Dream Group. The company is well known for its integrated infrastructure and construction services throughout India. The company works to bring modern India to life. The company is well-versed in all the different sectors of construction like depot, metro, railway station, tunnel, etc. It has been in existence for decades. The company is capable of overcoming the most construction challenges. It is a premium choice for consumers, and therefore a trusted name across builders in Noida/Delhi. It supports consumers through all phases of construction.

The company has an extensive network of local offices, and multiple offices help clients. They provide the company with a strong local presence and a broad geographic reach. All offices are monitored and coordinated with the help of Cloud-based systems. There are various processes designed for optimizing everything from the inception to the final project delivery. The company provides a solution for all the modern-day construction challenges. Although the focus of the company is different for the public and private sectors, it has also contributed to local economies. The company has brought about a positive change in the lifestyle for different communities all around the country.

All the projects are managed by the company’s extremely experienced and knowledgeable staff. The subcontractors of the company are highly reliable and devoted. With the help of abundant human resources and years of experience, the company is perfectly capable of supporting different types of projects like designing, foundation, civil structure, architectural finishing, and commissioning, etc. The company consistently follows the motto- Quality and Quantity, On Time, Every Time. Sun Dream group has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 and CE certification. The company’s commitment to quality, safety, health, and environment makes it one of the best choices throughout the builders in Noida/Delhi.

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