Office False Ceiling – A Great Idea Beyond Doubt!

April 29, 2020

A False ceiling, open cell ceiling or baffle ceiling can really transform your office from a boring little room to a modern, sophisticated workplace. So, here in this blog we will be discussing about false ceiling, their functionality and the advantages associated with them.

The office space is where one spends most of his daily hours. So, having a space that is soothing, clean and appealing is very important. If you have an already ready office space that you cannot do much with in terms of the interior design, you will be surprised to know how big a difference a false ceiling can actually make to the interiors of your office. In addition to enhancing visual appeal, these artificial roofs reduce your power bills and are functional in a lot of other ways.

What is a false ceiling?

These ceilings are also called suspended roofs as they actually hang down from the existing surface. You have a few options with the material that is used to make the structure and the type of structure itself. You can opt for gypsum, metal or POP (Plaster of Paris). The first among all is great as the ceiling would be fire resistant with being light in weight. If you need a metallic aspect, you must choose the second option. However, there are limited designs available. The last and most opted one is Plaster of Paris. This is a convenient and flexible material. You can achieve any design, from simple to complex, using this material. Unsurprisingly, suitability comes at a price nonetheless it in most cases is worth it!

Talking about the type of false ceiling, there are three options available (Yes, three again). The first being full ceiling where the chosen material is used for covering the entire real surface. And as you can imagine, you can’t play much with this type, which means you can’t achieve much of design and pattern and is mostly done to hide cables, wires and other unpleasant stuff. However, you can add a lot of beauty by embellishing it with designed and moulded borders. Next comes the exposed beams where wooden or metal beams are suspended with parts of the actual ceiling appearing through them. This is visually great and typically serves the purpose of highlighting a space. Last but not the least is the partial false ceiling wherein a part of the total real surface is covered. This is used in cases where you want to add some lighting effect to the room or for highlighting a special part of the room.


False ceilings do more than just revamping your office space. They also play an important role in concealing electrical lines or cables in your room. You can also install lights to improve the ambience of your workspace. So, false ceilings also save you the costs of breaking open and rebuilding walls when you need to improve your infrastructure.

Pseudo Ceilings are eco friendly

Suspended ceilings are great in converting your office design into an eco-friendly one. These ceilings act as insulators and keep your space naturally cool and warm as and when required. Consequently, you can save on energy needed in heating and cooling. A light-coloured ceiling is also capable of reflecting light and reducing the need for additional lights. So, it is quite evident that false ceilings also contribute towards saving the Mother Nature and can cut down big on your energy expenses.

Basic Advantages:

Some of the most significant benefits include the following:

1. Easy to Install: It is quite easy to install these ceilings with the right type of household tools.

2. Sound Proof: One of the biggest advantages of installing these products is that it is sound proof. It tends to lessen the noise and thereby provides a quieter atmosphere.

3. Assortment of Designs: These products are available in a huge range of colours, styles, designs, texture and grids. There are tiles available that not only suit but enhance every decor. Some of the most reputed online stores showcase interesting assortment of tiles in different colours and textures.

4. Fire Safety: As mentioned above, some tile materials that are used for these ceilings are fire resistant, hence another major benefit of them is in providing fire safety.

5. Eco-Friendly: As mentioned above, these products are also known to be eco-friendly as it helps to reduce carbon footprints. It is mostly made with recycled products which means contribution towards environment safety.

6. Better Access to Office Systems: It is also known to provide better access to home systems such as networking cables, plumbing wires and so forth. It is quite easy to access these wires for modification and repairs.

7. Resistant to Moisture and Sag: It is also resistant to moisture, mildew, bacteria and moulds. It can therefore be used in areas where there is high moisture content such as bathrooms. Moreover, it is also resistant to sag.

8. Energy Efficient: False ceilings are also energy efficient as it has a unique insulating effect which helps to reduce the heat during summers and cold during winter seasons. Therefore, it helps to lower the electric bills to a large extent.

9. Optimize Light Reflection: The bright coloured tiles help to reflect the light and create a brighter space in the rooms, which means no need of installing additional lights.

You can either use ready made ceilings or select a source who can customize them as per your need and taste. However, you must keep in mind the existing office design and theme before you select or install the structure. With even the most modish and unique design and exclusive materials, something that does not go well with the office theme can be quite a disaster. But if you do it right, you get a false ceiling that is too good to be true!

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