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November 25, 2019

People are more familiar with the term false ceilings than the raised floor. And the credit for churning out the best false ceilings go to the Sundream groups. Sundreamgroups is one of the leading manufacturers of a raised floor system and is very knowledgeable about this system.

A raised floor system is where a structural floor is raised to be placed on a reinforced slab of concrete. The raised floor system is also known as the elevated floor system or the access floor system.

Vertical adjustable panels support several floor panels. These pedestals are affixed to a concrete slab using the necessary instance adhesive or mechanical fixings, as the situation calls for. The panel is made of cement or wood core wrapped in aluminum. The standard sizing for the floor panel is 60.96 cm by 60.96 cm but that depends on the raised floor supplier. The floor panels are finished with vinyl, linoleum, laminate, rubber, carpet, or ceramic tiles.

Advantages of a Raised Floor

A raised floor provides quite a few advantages to the traditional method of tiling or hardwood floors.

1. Raised floors are waterproof. However such systems are not suitable in areas where water could collect as that could lead to the deterioration of the materials in the floor panels and pedestals.

2. Raised floor systems are suitable in places with a history of high seismic activity. Due to the reinforced structure of the floor, it is less likely to be damaged in an earthquake due to its resistance to shear transfer. Such a construction is cost-efficient.

3. Raised flooring is suitable for rooms that need to be soundproofed. Due to the acoustic isolation it provides, all the sound will be limited to the room in question.

4. Heating and cooling a building with a raised flooring system is energy efficient. The system serves as the high thermal base material for the distribution of hot air.

5. The concrete surface of the floor panel can be sealed, polished, stamped or stained. This cuts down the cost of covering the floor.

6. In windy areas, this system improves lateral resistance and durability due to floors not physically coming in contact with the ceiling. This durability increases when the raised floor system is paired with a concrete roof system.

7. Due to the gap between the ceiling and floor, fire can be contained to one floor and there is a lower chance of it spreading to the upper floors. This makes it easier to put out the fire.

Where can you implement a raised floor system?

Raised floor systems are most suitable for computer rooms and information technology offices. The floor panels can be lifted such that all the cables can run underneath the flooring. This makes the room look cleaner and reduces the tangling of cables.

Raised floor systems are also suitable for open office spaces, training rooms, conference rooms, exhibit areas, electrical closets, fan rooms, and clean rooms.

Commercial spaces stand to benefit a lot from raised floor systems, as it can vastly improve the interiors of such a space. The voice cables, power cables, and data cables can run underneath the flooring. For maintenance, one simply has to lift the floor panels to do any quick checks and minor repairs.

Raised floor systems are not suitable for areas that could have high humidity and plumbing fixtures. Bathrooms pose a threat of plumbing fixtures leaking into the floor system causing corrosion. Kitchens too are not suitable for raised flooring as it is an area of high humidity and there could be possible spillage of food and liquids.

Raised floors should not be used in laboratories, fire staircases, and mechanical equipment rooms. It is also not suitable for loading areas due to the flooring being unable to withstand immense weight and pressure. It shouldn’t be used in generator rooms and Ups due to the high electrical power in such areas.

Raised floor systems are catching on fast in the world of construction, structural engineering, and architecture due to its efficiency in several categories. A raised floor supplier is well aware of all the advantages and you should contact one to help with all your construction and building design.

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